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Giving Back

Every sale, our generous consignors donate thousands of items to local foster families through our charity partner. Please consider checking the "donate" box when making your tags-- It does a TON of good for TONS of kids around the Salem area.

Donate... Benefit LOCAL Foster Families

Family Building Blocks is a private, nonprofit organization that works to break the intergenerational cycle of child abuse and neglect by providing services for high-risk families that have children six weeks to five years old. In 2011, 99% of the children who were involved in FBB’s core prevention programs were able to live safely with their parents, thus avoiding abuse, neglect, and foster care. Family Building Blocks has two locations, Chelsea’s Place on Lancaster Dr. NE and Gracie’s Place on Edgewater Street NW. For more information or ways to support the work and mission of FBB please visit www.familybuildingblocks.org.


Ron Caton
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I know! Raising and clothing kids is expensive--That's why we started JBF- Your partner in savings!

I'm the father of three kiddos that seemingly stay in one size for 3-4 months, then nothing fits! Enter JBF, where the kids can get all they need for the next season at low prices.

By buying and selling at JBF, we ALL do our part to reduce packaging and waste that ends up in our landfills... WIN!